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Sharing a stage with CoreWeave at SIGGRAPH

In August, a significant moment unfolded as Claynosaurz shared a stage at SIGGRAPH, presenting alongside CoreWeave and nVidia.

So, what’s the buzz around SIGGRAPH? It's an annual conference and exhibition that dives deep into computer graphics, interactive technology, and related fields.

Sharing a platform with giants like Pixar, Nvidia, Autodesk, Unity, and Unreal was an honor and a proud moment that highlighted the journey of the Claynosaurz team.

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Even though it’s just the starting point for our little clay dinos, the industry welcomed them with open arms and curious minds. This is the arena where industry leaders like Pixar and Sony unveil their technological marvels, workflow solutions, and sneak peeks into their upcoming releases.

The week at the Los Angeles Convention Center marked a small yet significant chapter in Claynosaurz’s journey with CoreWeave. The cloud provider played a pivotal role, making Claynosaurz's initial mint possible through the substantial computing power used for rendering.

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